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Redmine – the free bug tracking system / project manager which does the job

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I use Redmine since 2012 and I LOVE it. It simply does the job.

You might think we start in the early stages, how it’s started. But here it’s a bit difficult to find anything. So I only tell you what it does.

Redmine is a project management tool or how developer calls it a ticketing system.

What can redmine do for you?


A project is the root in redmine. A project has its own jobs, documents, users. See it like a separation.

redmine project


A issue is like a todo, you can tell whats need to be done. Within a job you can attach documents or files, link to other issues, change the states or create comments.



A milestone is a package which includes jobs. In a milestone you can set a deadline and you got a good overview whats done.


I think I don’t need to explain this.


A documentation is simplified a piece of text which you can store in redmine.

redmine documentation


redmine files


Send and import emails

That function I use everyday. I tell you my usecase:

  • My customer wants an offer for a feature he would like to have in his software. He writes me an email about that.
  • That email is my magic redmine email address
  • That email will automatically imported in redmine as a new job
  • I worked on that job and write a comment in redmine
  • The customer get a new email with me comment from redmine
  • The customer responses to that mail and that answer will be imported in redmine as a comment in the specific job


Redmine is highly exstensible so you can write your own plugins that adds more or specific features to redmine. I did that myself too. I didn’t like the calendar in redmine, so I wrote my own one. You find my repo here.
A overview of all plugins for redmine you find here.

Role-based access control

You can create roles and give the roles some rights. The roles you can apply to users. As an example:

The customer-role can only create and see tickets within an specifc project.

LDAP auth

Thats really nice – if you have LDAP than redmine can connect with your LDAP server and gets the users incl. the login data for your users.


You can link it with a git repo. Then you’re able to close issues and import your spent time in the issue with a small piece of text which you write in your commit message.

Pro and cons


  • used by big companies
  • seamless integration with emails and git
  • Highly extensible
  • stable
  • very flexible (you can add fields and rename labels of options by yourself)


  • not all plugins are workin with the latest redmine edition
  • a bit outdated frontend
  • intransparent development cycle
  • could be tricky to setup if you don’t use a docker image and do it by yourself
  • not very good documented

I would recommend that you have a look at redmine, because it really makes my work faster and easier. If you don’t like the frontend maybe you have a look at OpenProject. Thats a fork of redmine and they improved the frontend massively.

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