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LibreOffice – don’t lie to yourself, you don’t need Microsoft Office

LibreOffice wallpaper

Okay the headline is a bit offensive, but I think it’s the truth that nobody said.

I tell you a story from my niece. She came to me and asked if I can install her a Microsoft Office Suite. I told her “Sure I can, but after a while you need to buy a license for it.” And the second question she asked me, probably you already know it. “Is it possible to get it for free?”. I bet you all had that same conversation sometimes with one of your family.

The thing is: Most schools in Germany forces the students to buy a Microsoft Office Suite, because at school they working only with Microsoft software.

And now I ask, why do we need Microsoft Office when we can use LibreOffice? 

I answer this question, I promise… But first we have a look at LibreOffice.

LibreOffice was released in 2011 and is a fork from OpenOffice. It is a bit complicated to understand how LibreOffice evolved, but I try it to explain it very short.

  • First, there was StarOffice created by Star Division (was bought from Sun Microsystem)
  • StarOffice was not open source it was proprietary software. The source code became open source -> OpenOffice was born
  • At this moment a foundation was born (Document Foundation)
  • Oracle bought Sun Microsystems
  • Oracle ONLY has the rights for the name OpenOffice
  • Oracle don’t want to give the rights for the name “OpenOffice” to the Document Foundation -> LibreOffice was born

StarOffice fork tree

I would recommend to read my MySQL post to find out more about oracle in combination with open source 😉

What is LibreOffice?

It’s not really one app it’s more like a complete suite. *Cough* like Microsoft Office.

What you will get:


It’s a word processor with an WYSIWYG-Editor to write letters, contracts and anything you want to do with.

LibreOffice Writer Screenshot

LibreOffice Calc

Calc is a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel. You can create and edit tables, formulas and charts.

LibreOffice Calc - spreadsheet program

LibreOffice Impress

You can use LibreOffice Impress as a presentation program like Microsoft Powerpoint. You can create presentations with animations and present them to your audience.

LibreOffice Impress

LibreOffice is a huge suite, huh? You are right we’re not finished yet – more you will find on the next page.

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