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InvoiceNinja – the easy and cheap way to create invoices

InvoiceNinja overview


Credits are possible to create to

InvoiceNinja - Credit form


A quote as basically the same than invoices. You can at anytime convert a quote into an invoice.


A proposal is a quote with a description of your company in one pdf.

InvoiceNinja - Proposal


With a project you can set a budget, to get a better overview if you reached the budget.

InvoiceNinja - Projects

Tasks / Time tracke

With a task you can track your time you spent within a project.

InvoiceNinja tasks

You can download an easy app to track your time into InvoiceNinja, too.


Expenses are a very good feature in InvoiceNinja, too. You can set a expense with a vendor AND a customer. So you’re able to forward the expense to your customer with one mouseclick.

InvoiceNinja vendors


You are able to get many reports out of InvoiceNinja. To explain all report features would take a lot of time, so it’s best if you test them for yourself.


Just like in any other invoicing system, you can send your Invoices, Quotes or Proposals automatically from InvoiceNinja to your customer or client.

Payment services

Do you want to get paid via PayPal or other payment services? No problem you can setup many online payment services or configure your own one.

Pro and cons


  • Its free (or at least very cheap with 20$/yr for the white label license
  • Very light CRM included
  • many well built features
  • stable
  • easy to use and easy to setup
  • Import and export function


  • Not as extensible through add-ons like other open source software

If you search a invoicing software than I recommend to have a look at InvoiceNinja. I tested it 2 hours and after that I’m thinking I’ll switch to it.

OpenProject – the better and improved Redmine (bug tracking system / project manager)

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