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InvoiceNinja – the easy and cheap way to create invoices

InvoiceNinja overview

You are a freelancer or a small company and don’t have the big budget to get a invoicing software, huh? Thats no problem I will show you one, that perfectly fit your needs for free!

Today, I show you InvoiceNinja. InvoiceNinja was launched in early 2014 and today has more than 60k usersis the open source invoicing software. Personally I use a proprietary webapp to send invoices to my customers :O, but I searched a few weeks ago which open source invoicing apps are available and I really liked InvoiceNinja. I tested it and I’m currently thinking if I switch to it.

What you can do with InvoiceNinja?

You can create invoices, quotes, products, projects, customers, recurring invoices, proposals, credits, payments, expenses, tasks, vendors. What blew my mind was, that you can let your customer pay you via online services like PayPal, Stripe, Braintree and many more.

You think thats too much information in a few lines?
You are right, we have a look at them in detail.

Features of InvoiceNinja


The first thing you can do is that you can create and edit clients (=customers). As you can see you get a sleek overview with a nice map integration. Within an client you can create contact, so its possible to add for example 10 contacts for 1 client. With the upper right button you are able to download a pdf which includes a overview about your earnings from this customer.

InvoiceNinja - Overview of customer


Products makes the invoice creation easier. If you have a product you can choose it within an invoice or product to save you to type in the price and and the name of a product. What I don’t like is that products are global you can not set specific products for specific clients.

InvoiceNinja - Product overview


You are able – as in many invoicing systems – to add already paid values, to close a invoice.

InvoiceNinja - Payment list


The creation of invoices is the key-feature of InvoiceNinja. You can choose 1 of 10 templates for the invoice. In the free self hosted version you get a “Created by InvoiceNinja” footer. You have to pay 20$ per year to remove this watermark.

InvoiceNinja - Invoice Form

As follows I show you the preveiw of the “Clean” template:

InvoiceNinja - Preview


This function is brilliant – you can create recurring invoices. If you set a recurring invoice, than InvoiceNinja will create a invoice in a specific interval AND send it directly via email to your client/customer.

More features you will find on the next page

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