Introduction – Hello world!


Hello world! Thats my introduction

I try to explain why I (yes at this moment I’m alone) started OSL.

I’m a big fan of open source software and use them in my daily work, so I try sometimes to get some news about open source software or generally try to find some newcomers. But thats not so easy, because I didn’t find any website, that has a good overview about open source software. Sure you can find out more about Linux derivatives or go through GitHub or follow some Twitter-Accounts. I try to change this with OSL (open source list) – your source for open source 😉

Now a bit more about myself

I’m a software developer who lives in Germany, I’m 26 years old and I – who knows it – like open source software. In my free time I do some work as a freelancer and try to keep myself up to date about cars, software development and open source. I contribute to open source software sometimes, maybe you have a look at my GitHub profile.

Which open source software do I personally use?


As a developer you surely get in touch with MariaDB and I use it a lot and I really like it, because of the easy setup and because I really like the Syntax.


I tried Atom at the very early stages and I loved it. For mostly any use case you find a plugin.


Because I work a lot with Linux and I get sometimes a few office documents from customers I need a office suite and LibreOffice does the job.


If you’re a developer you don’t get around of git.

Linux (Elementary OS / Ubuntu)

Personal I use MacOS but on my Notebook I use Elementary OS. It’s very simple: Elementary OS is a Ubuntu distribution with a MacOS like GUI.

Thats it, I hope you enjoy my articles.


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